Town of Hanley

Box 270, Hanley, Saskatchewan
S0G 2E0
(306) 544-2223  Fax (306) 544-2261

Consider the Possibilties!

 ‘Growing young minds through Education, Interaction and Play’


We hope to provide you with some information about our school that you will find helpful.


Current Board Members:


President      Patti Prosofsky: 544-2226
     - Julie Bessey                 - 544-2411
     - Bekki Kempton            - 544-2478
     - Ashley Haraldson         - 544-2858      


Current Teachers:

Shannon Soshyski: 492-4616
Leah Weisbrod: 492-2108


Location of Hanley Play-school: Hanley Centennial Center 

We will be running classes twice a week for 4 year old & 3 year old children

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 9:30-11:30 am.


If your child will be absent from class, please advise Shannon prior to or the day of class.


Play-school classes will begin in September. A schedule for the year is provided at the beginning of the year. We will also be sending out a monthly calendar as a reminder to parents of holidays, coming events and the volunteer schedule. All parents will be required to attend on a rotation as the Parent Helper. Once a definite class list has been made, a schedule of days will be handed out. If you require any particular scheduling for your day, please advise one of the board members prior to the schedule being made. If you are unable to attend on your assigned day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement or trade with another parent. 


Please send your child to play-school with a snack. A juice box or water bottle and a small healthy snack is encouraged. The children will only have about 10-15 minutes to eat, so a large amount of snack or a lunch is not required. One snack item is sufficient.


9:30am Arrival and free playtime time in the classroom

9:50am Circle time, good morning song, calendar activities

--------- Bathroom Break---------------------

10:10am Craft and learning activities

10:25am Snack and bathroom break if needed.

10:40am Gym time or outside time

11:00am Play in classroom with selected activities

11:20am Clean up, story, show n tell, good bye song


(General Guideline, not strictly followed)


We look forward to an exiting new year at Hanley Play-school and welcome all parents assistance and co-operation in making this a wonderful experience for our children.


The Play-School Executive Committee.