Town of Hanley

Box 270, Hanley, Saskatchewan
S0G 2E0
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Consider the Possibilties!

SAL Engineering - Dundurn Rural Water Utility
Phase III Potable Waterline Project - 2014
ACEC-SK 2014 Award of Merit
Municipal Infrastructure & Water Resources
Click on the following link to view the YouTube video of the project
The Dundurn Rural Water Utility has revamped their webpage.  To locate newsletters, click on the 'other information' tab.  The website can be found at:

Schedule 'A' to Bylaw 1/2014 - Corporate Bylaw - Dundurn Rural Water Utility released.  A copy of the bylaw can be read at: 

The DRWU has just released their 'Spring 2012 Newsletter'.  You can view the newsletter by clicking on the following link:


The DRWU has released their 'December 2013 Newsletter'.  The newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

The DRWU has released their 'Drinking Water Quality and Compliance' report dated February 2011 and can be viewed at:  Drinking Water Quality Compliance Report  
On Tuesday, September 20th, 2011, Mayor Gerbrandt and Administrator Carlson of the Town of Hanley attended a meeting of the DRWU in regards to a 'Change in Board of Directors' of the DRWU. 
A copy of the memo from the DRWU can be viewed at the Town of Hanley office, through their website or by clicking on the following link:

The Town of Hanley has received newsletters from the DRWU and can be viewed by clicking the following:

The Council for the Town of Hanley held a public meeting to update Town water users on the Dundurn Rural Water Utility. Due to the first snowfall of the season, there was not a very good turnout, however, those in attendance found the meeting very informative.


The following is a summary of the information and the questions that arose from the meeting: